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About East Africa Security Options

How we got started

We started off by trying to find a solution to one of the biggest complaints from people, about security in Kenya, is the fact that you feel as if you are living behind bars. With this in mind one of the original shareholders went in search of a solution whereby you open and close your security barrier whenever your heart desired.

Having explored several options, the Expandable Security Barrier or Trellis Door (as it is better known)was seen to be the most secure and convenient way of doing this. With this mind the shareholder went to South Africa to find a supplier. Having found and tried several companies manufacturing the Trellis Door we entered into a partnership with Xpanda, one of the Biggest Suppliers of Expandable Security Barriers in South Africa, supplying to over 28 countries worldwide. Over a period of 14 years we have managed to install over 5000 units in and around Nairobi, making us the most experienced company in the sales, marketing and installations of these imported products into Kenya.

What we are about

We are an agency with a difference, we not only import our custom made physical products, but we also install them. In doing so we are able to offer an after installation, maintenance service to our clients, giving them peace of mind that they will also be secure.

Based in the Karen area, we operate throughout Nairobi, securing homes, offices and pretty much anything you can put your mind to. We welcome the challenge of securing any opening our clients require.

With 14 years of securing people and assets, we know what you need to make yourself and everything you worked for safe.


Our Mission

We strive to effectively facilitate, promote and install our Principle Company’s high quality, custom made- physical security products, allowing us to meet and exceed customer expectations.


Our Vision

To transform communities by inspiring people to open their minds and make them aware of safety and security in our local environments.

Our Values


To facilitate communities by providing customized security solutions, to ensure they sleep better at night.

  • Integrity - A team of integrity
  • Passion - Passionate about keeping people and their communities safe
  • Honesty - Transparent in all of our internal and external  working environments
  • Courage - To tackle crime and promote security awareness together
  • Collaboration - with our Principle companies, we are able to offer a tailor-made, completely integrated security solution for everyone



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